Runners: The online store is now open and closes October 28th.

The online store is now closed. Please see your coach if you are still without a singlet.

Your Volunteer Uniform Crew:

Lisa Levasalmi, Veronica Roddy, and Amanda Rutnik

Uniform Policy For Freshman/JV/V Athletes: The athletes are responsible for purchasing a black team singlet and wearing a pair of corresponding black running shorts for competition. These shorts can either be the traditional “short” running short (inseam no longer than 4.5 inches), or the short tights which are currently a popular alternative. No basketball shorts will be permitted.

During warm-ups all athletes must wear either the designated warm-up jacket or a Bethlehem shirt. No other sweatshirt or baseball caps can be worn on competition days. Please reserve racing singlets for the races and do not wear them to practices. Please dress in the designated warm-up gear during cool-down as well.