Remembering Coach Connolly

The BCHS XCTF Booster Club was saddened to hear of the passing of Coach James Connolly. Coach Connolly has been a beloved member of the Track and Field family since 2007 as a field coach for both the Indoor and Outdoor teams. His dedication, kindness, and good humor set an example for both coaches and athletes and he will be greatly missed. Thank you, Coach, for your many years of service. ❤️

Coach Connolly's obituary:

Congratualtions to all who participated in the Strava 2020 challenge this year! 

Here are the recipients (JULY-AUGUST 2020):


Eamonn Hayes 410.1


Xander Pattison 382.4

Jackson Cowin 335.8

Griffin Roeder 331.8

Gordon Su 330.7

Rylee Davis 303.8

Josh Levin 300.5


Bodie Rocklein 260.1

Abby Nautel 219.3

Aliza Cotton 216

Ezra Winston 212.7

Jack Bronk 211.4

Maeve Conway 209.1

Annie Bolke 208.9

Nathaniel Koplik 208.3

Patrick Murphy 206.4

James Calderon 202


Sean Meek 169

Ansen Chamberlain 159.6

Tyler Grossman 145.2

Sammy Sahota 112.7

Sarah Hayes 110.6

Shen Henson 101.9