XC Flocking 2020

Flocking for the 2020 Cross Country Season October 1st - December 1st!

What is "Flocking"? For those new to the team, "Flocking" is a fun and colorful fundraiser. For a nominal fee, our amazing team of "flockers" will surprise your friends or neighbors with a front lawn of flamingos. Each "flocking" comes with an explanation of the fundraiser, care instructions, and the number to the "Flamingo Rescue Hotline." After 48 hours, the "flocking" team will return to remove the flock, leaving only a memory behind.

Cheer up a friend, celebrate a birthday, surprise a favorite relative, psyche up a teammate. Click on the link below to learn more about Flamingo Flocking and how to order a "flocking" of your own.

A Happy Flocking Customer!