BC Modified XC 2018

Congratulations to all of our runners for a fast and furious season! Hope to see you all back next year.

Check out the Flickr album for some great pictures of our runners in action

BOOSTER CLUB: If you have not already joined the Booster Club, it's not too late. Click to view/download/print the Membership Form.

Modified Home Meet: October 1, 2018 @ the Elm Avenue Park

Modified Runners: Welcome to the 2018 XC season!

BC Runs Booster Club: We welcome all parents to join the BC XCTF Booster Club. Club membership dues contribute to both the High School and Modified teams and are a wonderful way for parents to get involved. Click here to learn more about the Booster Club and to view/download a Membership Form for the 2018-19 Season.

Pizza Party! Tuesday October 30th from 3-4 (Location TBD)

Volunteers Needed: Stay tuned for more information

Contact Information

Boys' Coach

Mark Nealon: mnealon@bethlehemschools.org

Girls' Coach

Sandi Banas: sbanas@bethlehemschools.org

Season Schedule


10th: No School/No Practice

11th: Practice 3-4@MS

12th: Practice 3-4@MS

13th: Practice 3-4@MS

14th: Practice 3-4:30@Town Park

17th: Practice 3-4:30@High School

18th: Practice 3-4@MS

19th: No School/No Practice

20th: Practice 3-4@MS

21st: Practice 3-4:30@Town Park

24th: Practice 3-4:30@High School

25th: Practice 3-4 @ MS

26th: Home Meet 4:15@Town Park (Rescheduled)

27th: Practice 3-4@MS

28th: Practice 3-4:30@Town Park

October 2018

1st: Home Meet @ Town Park

2nd: Practice 3-4@MS

3rd: Meet 4:15 @ Iroquois MS

4th: Practice 3-4@MS

5th: Practice 3-4:30@Town Park

8th: No School/No Practice

9th: Practice 3-4@MS

10th: Meet@TBD 4:15

11th: Practice 3-4@MS

12th: Practice 3-4:30@Town Park

15th: Practice 3-4:30@High School

16th: Practice 3-4@MS

17th: Meet 4:15 @ CBA (Albany)

18th: Practice 3-4@MS

19th: Practice 3-4:30@Town Park

22nd: Practice 3-4:30@High School

23rd: Practice 3-4@MS

24th: Practice 3-4@MS

25th: Practice 3-4@MS

26th: Practice 3-4@MS

SATURDAY 27th: Championship Meet 1:30 @ Saratoga State Park

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