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Last Call for Uniforms

posted Aug 23, 2017, 6:19 PM by The Membership Chair
With our first meet (and a home meet at that!) fast approaching, we want to make sure that our runners are outfitted with the right uniform!  In order to have them in time for our September 5 meet all online orders must be placed by the end of 8/24.
Check out the uniform tab at the top of this page


Gents: Your uniforms are all black with white lettering.  If you ran T&F (winter or spring) at all last year, you should be set, unless you grew. If you still only have an orange one lurking in the drawers, it’s time to upgrade.


Ladies: We still have some uniforms on hand to sell at Meet The Coaches night.  If you were a size small for anything other than shorts, your order will need to be online before the end of tomorrow night.