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Great American Meet Info

posted Sep 26, 2014, 5:23 PM by The Membership Chair
  • Thursday, Oct 2, 10pm -- Depart BCHS front lot in Wade Tour Bus for Raleigh, NC (rest stops along the way & change of drivers)
  • Friday, Oct 3, 8am -- Arrive Raleigh, NY (visit hotel, eat lunch)
  • Friday, Oct 3, 1:30pm -- Visit Great American race site, jog course before 4pm, return to hotel, eat pre-race dinner, lights out
  • Saturday, Oct 4, very early (in a coup of waves) -- breakfast, checkout, races 8am to 1:45pm, eat late lunch / early dinner
  • Saturday, Oct 4, 8pm -- Depart Cary NC for Delmar NY (rest stops along the way & change of drivers).
  • Sunday, Oct 5, 6am -- Arrive BCHS front lot
Cost to student athletes:
  • $125 each, please make check payable to "BCHS XC Booster Club"
  • The above cost covers bus transportation and hotel room with four athletes per room
  • Students need to bring additional money for their meals and possibly a t-shirt purchase

Hotel Info:
2200 Summit Park Lane, Raleigh NC 27612
(919) 279-3000

Adam Ayers, Boys Coach, (518) 859-4399
Jack Rightmyer, Girls Coach, (518) 487-1770
Kim Irwin, Girls Coach